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Reverend Sloan's direct line to God seems to have had a bit of static...


Just a dayLike any other dayIn the heartland of NebraskaWhere the soil cried out for rainJust a boyWith madness in his eyesAnd a book below his armFocused on the skiesAnd the boy saidI can make it rain tomorrowMake it rain tomorrowRain
It's gonna be a bad dayFor Reverend Sloan
Reverend SloanSaid the boy is just a demonWith a poison book of knowledgeSent to kill us allAfter allWho is this child to meddleWith the wisdom of the BibleLocked deep within my soulWe must placeOur faith in JesusPlace our faith in JesusRain
It's gonna be a bad dayFor Reverend Sloan
(Reverend Sloan's Prayer)Our father who art vengeancePlease overlook my sinAnd save us from this eight year dustAnd God make sure I winTwenty four hundred daysPraying for these landsDestroy the interloperIf rain should strike these sandsWho is this boyWith the faraway gazeBringing Satan's machineTo end all our daysSend me your lightning To strike this fool downAnd remove his poisonFrom deep in our town
And the crowdGathers round to watch the strange boyWork the levers and the buttonsOn the face of his machineReverend SloanTimes the bullet with the lightningAnd the boy falls in the torrentAnd the rain comes down in streamsAnd the crowdReverend Sloan please make it stop nowMake it stop nowRain
It's gonna be a bad dayFor Reverend SloanIt's gonna be a bad dayFor Reverend Sloan