From the recording The Last Balloon Ride Home

A harbinger of things to come...And a little seafaring allegory...



It... Is... Later... Than... You... Think...

This is Arch Oboler bringing you another
  in our series of stories of the unusual

And once again we caution you
These lights-out stories
   are definitely not for the timid soul

So we tell you calmly and very sincerely
If you frighten easily
   turn off your radio now


The King of Kentucky
Stared up at a darkening sky
Watched the last flare of
The rockets that fly over Jordan

And time goes by
Time goes by

Watch out for the rocks she said
This ocean just ain't meant for crossing
When waters run shallow
Those reefs become mountains to climb

Sailors far bolder
Than you have returned
With masts bent and broken
And lessons unlearned
Full fathom five
'Neath the tip of your sail
Lies the wreckage of galleons
Destroyed in the gale

And time goes by
Time goes by

Treasonous west wind
Has blown me off course
Away from thee
Leviathan shall I follow you down
To the cold black depths of the sea?
Time goes by

Our revels now are ended
These our actors
As I foretold you
Were all spirits
And are melted into air

Storm clouds above
And dark fishes below
Will swallow you whole
Where the brave dare not go
Here there be monsters
Untamed and unchained
And hungry for mortals
Who dare to remain

And time goes by
Time goes by