1. Much Later

From the recording Secrets of the Rabbit Hole

A final sigh of thanks...


Night falls
And signals call
From ghosts I know
They come and go
The wars I've lost
At such a cost
It's much later
Much later

Awake again
At three a.m.
I'm wondering
Where we go
Through the veil?
Beyond the pale?
It's much later
Much later

No truth blooms
Alive too soon
With this television
Spewing out its poison
The demon me
Ascend to see
Lightning shattering
This spellbound town
Very hard to be
Alive aware
And unentangled
In the webs we weave
Seeking to deceive
The jokers on the left
And on the right

This final game
Is all the same
And I'm so glad
That you're here
One final try
Plucked from the sky
It's much later
Much later