From the recording Lipstick Smears & War Machines

Reflections on a life...


The rain never stops hereThe skies are silent and grayOld and we're in the wayPeople have little to sayHere we areLost in the howIf times must changeLet it be now
And there's nothing left hereBut pictures of AfricaOver the river and into the treesWhere my mind goesThe soul surely followsThe center is hollow it seems
But some like it hot they sayEcuador's too cold for meGive me element AfricaOne hundred thirty degreesHere we areLost in the whyIf times must changeWhen do we try?
And there's pictures of youAnd pictures of AfricaLocked in a room where nobody goesTurn the lights lowAnd darken the hemisphereThe future is hollow it seems
Seemed like a lifetimeA lifetime agoAnd never as real as it seemsWatched for a sign In the darkness to showComing apart at the seams
I remember those SundaysAs if they were yesterday