From the recording Lipstick Smears & War Machines



Welcome to the planet tonightTelevised revolution a swing to the rightPolitical nightmares light up in the darkAutomotive emotion with no place to park
And it's high timeFor the one who comes to fightWhile we're slaughtered like lambsWelcome to the planet tonight
Welcome to the end of the worldPatriotic assassins with banners unfurledTen million commanders with no one to leadManifestos from Heaven nobody can read
Turn the lights down lowFor the one who comes to fightWhile we're ripe for the killWelcome to the planet tonight
And the Army sponsors musicIn the California sunThe beacons search for satellitesThe sentry loads his gunWe wear reflective overcoatsWait on someone's judgement daySwallow sugar coated savior pillsTo TV messiahs pray
See the rocket's red glareFor the one who comes to fightThe opponent withinWelcome to the planet tonight