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Can a love survive across space and time?


Worlds turn so fast You scarcely seem to notice her callingNot like centuries agoWith the stars of another world fallingYour tears saved you thenAnd we still can pretend we're not olderBut the light in your eyesGrows dim with the skies of October
We're old enough to laughHow I wonder if we're wise enough to cryWhere angels fear to treadMay stand demons closing off a crimson skyI searched to find the doorThat I opened in a time that's passed us overBut it's gone with the eyesThat died in the skies of October
Paper ladies pressed in glassNever hear an eastern wind until they've scatteredVisions of the pastHave replaced the love that once was all that matteredIn time the night must comeTo replace the fools who never know it's overAnd forever will I search to see your phantomIn the skies of October