From the recording Lipstick Smears & War Machines

Assuming divinity where none exists can lead to catastrophic results...


(I)While on the promenade one dayI thought I heard an old man sayI seen it there last Friday nightBathed in a most celestial lightA six foot lump sans shape or faceEmanating holy graceSo I thought it must be HeCome back to save humanity
But He said not yetTell them not yetOh no not yetIt's Tuesday at noonTuesday at noon
The leaders of the human raceThought it a hoax but just in caseThey burned the dirty magazinesThe lipstick smears and war machinesAnd tapped finance to build a placeFor the King to first display his faceThey built a mighty stadiumWith beacons made of radium
But he said not yetTell them not yetOh no not yetIt's Tuesday at noonTuesday at noon
(II)The networks are hereAlong with their camera crewsThe newspaper warriorsStand by on the teletypesRome's holy pontiffIs lifting his handThird world delegationsWho don't understandAir forces armiesNavies and marinesHave all come to seeWith the swords of their dreamsTo lay them down at noonFifteen minutes 'til noon
The Budweiser bannerHangs high in the festive airBattalions of dead soulsHave gathered to greet the SonLike Luther and LindberghAnd Lenin and LockeHitler HoudiniFitzgerald and SpockVictims of foreign warsOwners of farmsShadows of babiesIn dead mothers' armsFifteen seconds 'til noonTen more seconds 'til noon
(IV)Now from the skyThere comes a lightBut inside is a fearsome sightNo savior but a Frankenstein Who screams I AM THE FINAL TIMESaviors may be what you fearAnd I'll be wearing black this yearWhat you see is what you've gotLook up to see the God you bought
And we said not yetTell him not yetOh no not yetMaybe next Tuesday at noonNext Tuesday at noon