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The Last Balloon Ride Home

Our third album - almost certainly NOT another double-CD - will be "The Last Balloon Ride Home", planned for release sometime in 2021! Stay tuned!

Check out the "Music" page to be the first to hear the new songs as we finish producing them!


Secrets Of The Rabbit Hole - Front Cover

Our second album - another double-CD - is "Secrets Of The Rabbit Hole", released January 25, 2017! With over two hours of music, this one is going to blow you away!



Lipstick Smears & War Machines - Cover

Our debut album - a double-CD - is "Lipstick Smears & War Machines", released March of 2015.  Nobody saw this one coming!




Both 2-CD sets are available at CD Baby, Amazon, your favorite retailer, or better yet, right here on our site! Click the "Store" link.

All our music is also available for digital download, either by song or the full album, on CD Baby, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, among others!

Or, feel free to browse a bit, learn about the band, and listen to some of our music!  You can listen to full songs on the "Music" page, including reading the lyrics!


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